Our wood fired kiln is called a 'train' because it resembles a locomotive. It is really an oversized firebox with a long horizontal chimney that contains the pots and a vertical chimney to exhaust the flame. Our firings last approximately 36 hours and reach over 2300 degrees F. At white heat ,the fly ash from the burning wood lands on the pots and melts to form a beautiful green glaze. Woodfired pots generally have two distinct sides- windward and leeward. The windward side is the side that faces the flame. This side has a green ash glazed surface and the leeward side is usually a drier, more protected surface. Woodfiring is a labour of love. To prepare for a wood firing and actually fire the kiln , takes easily 5 times as long as other conventional methods of firing. The results for us make the process worth the effort!

A load of side stoking wood for our next wood firing.

Loading 'the train'


Tony on location this February filming our latest video GET A HANDLE ON IT!